Ireland’s environment stands up well to comparison with any other country in the world. Geography places Ireland on the north-western edge of the European continent that ensures a constant supply of clean unpolluted air.

Fresh clean pure air cascades from across the Atlantic directly on to Irelands ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. One of the wildest, most enchanting, and, culturally rich coastal areas in the world filled with beauty in abundance.

Known as the "Emerald Isle” because of its lush landscape of rolling green hills, the essentials for life of clean air, clean water, and, productive soil are abundant on this beautiful island of Ireland.

Blown across the tallest mountain peaks in the northwest of Ireland such as Mount Errigal, (stick in a photo – its pretty impressive) to the banks of beautiful Lough Neagh in the east (stick in a photo), a designated wetland of international conservation importance and the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles, the Sweet Irish Air is captured by our Team specially for your individual enjoyment.